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Shruti Arora

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER & have worked at Banking and Non-banking Financial Companies.

Financial Planning

How To Invest a Lump Sum Amount

So, you won the lottery? Congrats! Or a great-uncle left you a sizable inheritance? Or you sold an ancestral property? For many people this sudden increase in wealth causes more problems than comfort. This is because after receiving huge windfalls, people either get confused as to what to do with this money, or worse they […]

Investment Mistakes To Avoid (Part 2: While Investing)

Part Two of a 3-Part Series. As discussed in Part 1 of this series, I will be covering common investment mistakes made during different stages of the investment journey. I have divided the investment planning journey into three different stages: Initial Stage (Before Investing) – where you have not yet started any investment process. Second […]

Do You Have To Pay Income Tax On Gifts?

It’s important to understand which gifts are tax-free and which are considered a part of your income, making them liable for tax. Festive season is here, big and important festivals like Diwali & Christmas are waiting in line. Along with these festivals the wedding season is also going to start soon. While preparing for upcoming […]

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