Investing Myths

They say ignorance is bliss. Well, not when it comes to investing. As an investor you must have proper understanding of every facet of your investment – taxation, fees, risk, redemption options etc. What you know matters but what you incorrectly believe in matters too. Any investment made or not made because you hold a prejudice is as dangerous as an investment made without proper knowledge. These set notions, inculcated in the mind by ill-informed elders or mistaken friends can keep you away from real wealth.

Over time many myths have been created when it comes to investing which a lot of people falsely believe in. Here are a few such investing myths debunked:

Welcome to my investing myths debunked series. Here's the first part. You can see all the posts in this series ...
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Second post in my investing myths debunked series. The following pertains to physical gold in the form of jewellery or ...
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In this post am going to debunk the myth that "age plays a central role in investment allocation". You must ...
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