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Shruti Arora

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER & have worked at Banking and Non-banking Financial Companies.

Mutual Fund SIP vs Loan EMI: Which One Should You Choose?

These days it is very easy to purchase whatever one wishes for. Almost everything is available with a small down payment, be it the latest gadgets, home appliances or cars. You name it and chances are you will find an EMI or equated monthly installment solution for your desired purchase. Consumers looking for instant gratification are scooping up these offers like candies, they get to use the product right now and pay for it later, what’s not to like?

Well if you look closely you will be enraged!
Do you know how much extra you are paying for this so called ease and comfort? Lets understand this with help of an example.

Let’s say you want to buy a car of 7 lakhs. For this you pay 1 lakh as down payment and take 6 lakh loan @ 10% for 3 years. Now let’s understand how this 6 lakh loan works. Read More

Investing for Short Term Goals

Stock markets provide the highest possible returns among all asset classes in the long term. If you have time on your side and can stay invested for a long duration, investing in equity is the best bet. But what about short term?

Where should you invest if you can spare your money only for a few years?
Can the stock market be your friend in such a scenario?

First let’s understand what is meant by short-term goals. When you are investing for something in the not so distant future, like buying a car in 3 years or an exotic vacation next year, in other words when you have a limited time frame (less than 5 years), it is considered short term.

Now, selecting an investment vehicle for near future goals is always tricky. Invest in stock market and you might lose the money in its fluctuations or keep it in a savings account and you will not be able to beat inflation. So how to achieve that goal? Read More

Getting Your First Job? Here’s 6 Things You Should Do

first job financial planningGood work on landing your first job! I’m sure right now you are filled with pride & feeling invincible.

But remember with great power comes great responsibility, it’s your responsibility to handle your finances carefully. Don’t worry it’s not rocket science, all you have to do is develop good money habits from the start by following the below checklist. Your older self will be grateful to you if you start taking care of your hard-earned money from the get-go.

Just work on the following, it will give you a head start in managing your money. Read More

The Dangers of Not Investing

So many people, in spite of knowing that they should invest their money for a better future, have not started their investment journey yet. What’s even more shocking are the reasons behind this delay. Usually, if someone has not started investing yet it is due to one of the following excuses:

  1. Procrastination
    “I don’t have time” or “I’m busy this weekend” or “I’m in no rush, what’s the hurry?”
    Or the classic “Idle money in my account is not that harmful, at least I’m saving some.”
  2. Timing the Market
    “Market is at an all time high, investing right now will be foolish, it’s better to wait for a more favorable time.”
  3. Fear of the Unknown
    “It’s a such a hassle! I’ll have to learn about taxation & compliance & I’ll have to research about all the different investment types. It’s so much work.”
  4. Risk Aversion
    “My uncle told me investing in stock market is like gambling. My mama didn’t raise no gambler!”

Read More

Introducing Financial Planning Tools

My goal on this site is to provide unbiased, thorough and easy to understand financial knowledge to help improve your current money situation and achieve your goals comfortably.

But it all boils down to numbers in the end. How much do you have right now? How much do you want to accumulate in the next five years? No two people will have the same goals so there has to be a way to dynamically help everyone. Keeping this in mind I am happy to tell you that we have just launched financial planning calculators for you. With the help of these calculators you can easily evaluate where you stand financially and how to fulfill your dreams within your budget.

There are many different calculators available – loan calculator, SIP calculator, emergency fund calculator etc.
Here is a brief overview of what these calculators provide:

Read More

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