Introducing Financial Planning Tools

The writer is a Delhi, India based Certified Financial Planner CFPCM, conferred upon by the
Financial Planning Standards Board. If you are an Indian resident looking for a financial plan prepared according to your needs & goals, write to her at shruti(AT)

My goal on this site is to provide unbiased, thorough and easy to understand financial knowledge to help improve your current money situation and achieve your goals comfortably.

But it all boils down to numbers in the end. How much do you have right now? How much do you want to accumulate in the next five years? No two people will have the same goals so there has to be a way to dynamically help everyone. Keeping this in mind I am happy to tell you that we have just launched financial planning calculators for you. With the help of these calculators you can easily evaluate where you stand financially and how to fulfill your dreams within your budget.

There are many different calculators available – loan calculator, SIP calculator, emergency fund calculator etc.
Here is a brief overview of what these calculators provide:

  • EMI Calculator:
    Find out how much that loan is going to cost you. Just provide the Loan Amount, Duration and Interest Rate. You will get the actual EMI amount and the total interest you’ll be paying if you opt for that loan.
  • Lump Sum Investment Calculator:
    This calculator will help you find out how much you’ll have at maturity if you invest an X amount today.
  • SIP Calculator:
    Find out what your regular monthly investments will turn into at maturity.
  • Where to Invest Calculator:
    Clear about what you have, what you want & when, but confused about how to get there?
    This calculator will help remove all your confusion by evaluating your situation and suggesting a suitable financial product.
  • Principal Calculator:
    Know how much you want and when but don’t know how much you should invest to achieve that goal?
    This calculator will help you find the answer to this important question. No matter what your preferred choice be it Lump Sum or SIP we have you covered.
  • How Long to Stay Invested Calculator:
    Not timing but time is everything while investing. Find out how long you need to stay invested to achieve your goal.
  • Emergency Fund Calculator:
    It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Find out how much you should set aside as an emergency fund.

Let me know if you find these calculators useful.
Feedback, suggestions & ideas welcome!

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